🐱 Airdrop 1 : Finished on 19/11 🐱

The list of lucky Kitten Coin receivers is available here 🐱

🐱 Kitten Coin listed in EtherDelta 🐱

Kitten Coin can already be tradedon EtherDelta here but an official validation is coming to have a legitimate symbol there.

🐱 November : Massive holders bonus 🐱

A massive bonus has be issued to people holding Kitten Coins on 22/11. Holders have seen their Kitten Coins multiplied by 10! List is available here.
17 216 966 gorgeous Kitten Coins are owned my community of kitten lovers.

🐱 December : Limited sale 🐱

40 000 000 will be set for sale in the begining of december.
Funds raised are dedicated to get Kitten Coin listed on major exchanges.

🐱 Kitten Coin listed on other exchanges 🐱

🐱 December : Airdrop 2 🐱

Coins will be distributed after limited sell ends.
People who hold their KITTEN and register for 2nd airdrop will get extra bonus.
New comers are welcome. Limit for participants not defined yet.

🐱 Kitten Coin listed on Coin Market Cap 🐱

🐱 Airdrop 3 🐱

Remaining Kitten Coins will be distributed.
Holders will be rewarded once again, rules coming later.

🐱 Future projects from ideas of community 🐱

🐱 Kittens rule the world 🐱