We are very excited to introduce a brand new revolutionary type of distribution in crypto world: the SelfDrop

The concept is very simple: you receive an amount of free Kitten Coins by sending a transaction on the Ethereum network.

The whole Kitten Nerd Development Department (KNDD) members have been working like dogs to create, test and audit the world cutest smart contract : the Kitten Self Drop contract (new version since SelfDrop 2 March 17th 2018).


SelfDrop 2 starded on Mar. 17th 2018, total amount is set to 10 000 000 Kitten Coins so hurry up before it’s too late!

SelfDrop 1 started on Jan. 30th 2018 (ended Feb. 24th 2018), total amount was set to 5 000 000 Kitten Coins.
You can still track the old Kitten Self Drop contract here since contract has been updated for SelfDrop 2.



As a crypto currency, Kitten Coin team wants to educate the community to blockchain technology.

We belive this SelfDrop is the perfect way to do it: earn some free Kitten Coins by sending a transaction by yourself on the Ethereum network.

How the meow does it work?

Everything is automatic! You just have to send an empty transaction to the SelfDrop contract to receive instantly your Kitten Coins!

To get your SelfDrop, just send a transaction from your Ehtereum wallet to address 0x370f0Fe5F1c03892b2dc950a89C6EaFF4980Dac3

Unlike our AirDrop, there is no minimum holding amount, everybody can participate as long as you have enough to pay the gas for sending transaction.

Basically, an empty transaction with amount = 0 ETH will give you 500 Kitten Coins but you can of course donate ETH, you will receive an extra reward for it!

Just a few cute rules


Drop is limited to 1 participation per address. No need to try several times, next transactions will be rejected by the contract.
We truly hope that nobody will try to use multiple addresses to trick on hard work of kittens or we will be forced to stop SelfDrop (kittens can do that at any time, they own the contract).

  • Basic reward is set to 500 Kitten Coins.
  • Donator reward is
    • 100 extra Kitten Coins if you send less than 0.001 ETH
    • 1000 extra Kitten Coins if you send less than 0.01 ETH
    • 5000 extra Kitten Coins if you send more than 0.01 ETH
  • Holder reward is 500 extra Kitten Coins if you already hold more than 50 000 Kitten Coins.

Kitten tips

Gas limit

To make sure you transaction is being processed, we recommend you to set a gas limit of 200000. Usually a transaction to the SelfDrop contract will use less than 100000 gas but don’t worry, all unused gas will not be spent.

Gas price

Pay high attention to gas price, it defines the price you will pay to the network for processing transaction.
Depending on workload of the Ethereum network, gas price should be adjusted.
In general, we recommend you to set the same value than Gas Price SafeLow of the moment. Information on actual gas price is provided by ETH Gas Station.

Here are a few references about gas price, based on average end January rate :
10 gwei: transaction will cost around 0.0008 Ether ($0.88)
1 gwei: transaction will cost around 0.00008 Ether ($0.09)

Useful tip: if safe low gas price of the moment is around 1-2 gwei, you can set gas price to 0,1 gwei. Your transaction may take some time to be processed but it’s the cheapest price that we know for a transaction.


Sending transaction meowtorial

Using Metamask

Metamask is favorite wallet application of kittens, because there are many safe ways to : basic wallet, decentralized exchanges, interacting with contract, DAPPS…

Step 1: Metamask is a browser extension available for Safari and Chrome. If you don’t have it, you can download it from Metamask website and watch their video explaining how to use it.

Step 2:  Open Metamask and click on SEND

Step 3: Enter the address of the SelfDrop contract 0x370f0Fe5F1c03892b2dc950a89C6EaFF4980Dac3, enter the ETH amount to send, then click on NEXT

Step 4: Enter the gas limit and the gas price, then click on SUBMIT

Step 5 (optional): to view you transaction in Etherscan, just click the transaction number you just created. Please note that time to process (=to mine) your transaction will depend on the gas price you set and the Ethereum blockchain workload.

Using MyEtherWallet (MEW)

  1. On MEW website, go Send Ether & Tokens
  2. Access your wallet with your favorite method, and unlock it
  3. In field ‘To Address’, enter the Self Drop contract address 0x370f0Fe5F1c03892b2dc950a89C6EaFF4980Dac3
  4. Enter desire amount you wish to spend
  5. Recommanded : set gas limit to 150000 (or at least make sure it updates after you set the amount to send)
  6. Click on ‘Generate transaction’
  7. Click on ‘Send transaction’
  8. Click on ‘Yes, I am sure! Make transaction’.

Then, in the green bottom bar, you can check the transaction status.


Reading the SelfDrop contract

All information about the current state of the SelfDrop contract are available in real time, you can check all in Etherscan, in the Read Smart Contract tab.

Important reading key : Kitten Coin main contract is 8 decimals, this means that you will always see 8 more 0 digits in all fields related to Kitten Coins. For example: basicReward = 50000000000 means that the basic reward is set to 500.

  • basicReward: number of Kitten Coins sent for any transaction, without condition
  • participant: allows you to see how many times you participated to the SelfDrop. To see the status of your wallet, just enter your wallet address and click on Query. Result will display in the participationCount field.
  • donatorReward:  number of extra Kitten Coins sent for any transaction with amount different from 0
  • dropNumber: actual SelfDrop number, will be updated in case we issue another SelfDrop
  • totalDropTransaction: total number of transactions received by the SelfDrop contract
  • kittensDroppedToTheWorld: total number of Kitten Coins sent by the SelfDrop contract
  • kittensRemainingToDrop: total number of Kitten Coins remaining to drop (can be updated in case of next SelfDrops)
  • holderAmount:  number of extra Kitten Coins sent for a wallet holding more than holderReward Kitten Coins
  • holderReward: minimum number of Kitten Coins to hold in order to receive the holderAmount

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