Kittens love to spread their gorgeous coins to the world, kitten lovers are the most beautiful people in the world.

90% of Kitten Coins are airdroped to the world, the 10% remaining are set to sale to get referenced on major exchanges.


Airdrop 1

Airdrop 1 has finished on 18/11, list on qualified participants can be checked here.


Airdrop 2

Everybody can apply for Kitten Coin airdrop 2, only 2 conditions are required :
– Having more than 0.05 ETH in your wallet at the time of airdrop
– Register only once, do not try to cheat – any suspicion of cheating will be automatically disqualified and blacklisted
Please read rules below

To subscribe, you just need to fill the registration form. Distribution will start after limited sale objective of 15 ETH is reached. Stay tuned!

Airdrop 2 will be limited to first 10 000 subscribers, bounty bonus will be issued :
+100% for buyers from limited sale –
+30% for Airdrop 1 subscribers
+20% Followers of @KittenCoin on Twitter –
+20% for retweet of @KittenCoin
+20% for Telegram channel members –

Important Airdrop Rules


🐱  Mandatory condition : airdrop only applies to wallets holding more than 0.05 ETH.

Kittens take care, they don’t want their coins to die on fake wallets that will never be used for their good.
The control is performed by a very high level function inside Kitten Coin contract, it means that if people who apply for airdrop don’t have more than minimum amount required at the time of airdrop transaction, they will not receive Kitten Coin.


🐱 Multiple subscriptions automatically disqualified

We have an army of geek kittens who will check every duplicate to disqualify cheaters and blacklist them. Nobody can mess with these gorgeous kittens.
Any duplicate or suspicious entry will be considered as cheat and disqualified : e-mails, ETH addresses, forum username, twitter and telegram.


🐱 Any spam, ETH address posting or question asking why Kitten Coin were not received are automatically banned and blacklisted.

Individual requests are very long to process and most of time make kittens lost huge amount of their precious time.
Ethereum addresses are be exclusively collected via airdrop form.


🐱 Basically, kittens reserve themselves the right to ban or disqualify any participant if he/she doesn’t respect rules or shows unappropriated behaviour.

Kittens rule the world, and they are ready to show it at any time.